Självvalt prekariat / Self-elected Precariat)

Series of three paintings (only two having been exhibited), 2017

Mdf, wall paint, embroidery fabric, acrylic paint, fabric tape

’Skörbjugg’ (Scurvy), 51 x 70 cm

’Ingen pension’ (No pension), 60,5 x 75 cm

Exhibited at Galleri Slätten’s ’Vårsolanche 2017’, Malmö, Sweden.


I wanted to create a kind of contemporary arte povera and capture the tedium of living without sufficient economic resources in the ’self-elected precariat’ which the artist inhabits.

’Skörbjugg’ depicts the preparing of an onion and lentil pot which I cook a few times á week, a dish which costs approximately 50 p (5 Swedish kr) to make.

’Ingen pension’ depicts my latest pension statement.



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