Revolving around power relations, through issues of class, economy, labour and agency, my practice is performance, participatory work, installation and sculpture. Phenomena such as aspiration, respectability, desperation and failure all inform my work.

I explore socioeconomic geography through the personification of objects. By investigating the relationship between devaluation and revaluation, monetary value and its power, I find ways to challenge the consensus.

My work is an exploration of the polarity of class division, I am interested in the modern context of society’s legacy concerning uproar, rebellion and other modes of resistance.

Language and semantics; how they inform, and possibly mislead, us is something which I explore within my practice; often through the use of found text. My aesthetic is informed by popular culture, every day life and DIY movements such as punk and indie. Theoretically, I draw inspiration from the methodology of sociologists such as Bourdieu, Barthes, Skeggs and Walkerdine.

I find myself inhabiting the role of an agitator. The use of absurdity and sarcasm are crucial tools in my storytelling, as they have the capacity to unveil, disarm and enlighten. I wish for my work to initially amuse the audience, only to evolve into feelings of unease; if one looks beyond the surface uncanniness will unravel.