Payment Day

Performance / Participatory work

12-5 PM on May 5th 2016, McLellan Galleries, Glasgow



The money collected from the first Miss Beatrice Johansson performance was distributed in this work, where the non-Scottish British students at The Glasgow School of Art were handed 1 pence each to help them cover their student loans.

A few non-British students showed up thinking they would get funding, since they had not understood that they did not qualify.

After a few hours two people from the Student Welfare showed up and asked me what I was doing. They seemed concerned that I was involved in some kind of counter activity aiming towards mocking their work, which it naturally was not. They were concerned that some students would not understand that I was doing a performance, since, I quote ’some students are really naïve’. They then asked me to direct any students in need of actual financial support to them.


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